Tuesday, May 18, 2004

More news

It's all about the banner. Is it like the Sports Illustrated curse or something?

When President Bush visited a Timken Co. ball-bearing plant in Canton, Ohio, a year ago, he told workers that their optimism about the future of their company inspired his optimism about the future of the economy.

A photo from his talk at Timken leads the White House Web site's "Building America's Economy Photo Essay." It shows Bush standing in front of a glorious red, white and blue "Jobs and Growth" banner.

As he said at the time, the "greatest strength of the American economy is found right here, right in this room, found in the pride and skill of the American work force."

Last week, Timken announced that the folks right there in that room are getting fired. Timken, the world's largest industrial bearings maker, whose chairman is a major donor and fundraiser for the Republican Party, plans to shut down three factories in Canton and eliminate 1,300 jobs.

If you see Karl Rove headed your way with one of those damned hokey banners, run, run like the wind.

Sky fallen yet?

Hundreds of gay couples leap at the chance to get married.

I'm sure Pat Robertson has a thundercloud or earthquake to send their way, generous gift-giver that he is.

The General goes to the movies

Jesus' General watches Troy and has an embarrassing encounter.


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