Friday, May 28, 2004

Onward, Christian Soldiers

Apparently the gay-marriage thing has proven to be Just the Last Straw for many of God's Chosen within our nation; now they are planning to secede.

Oh, I know some of the nuttier have tried this before, in Texas and Idaho, but they didn't have a website!

Check out Christian Exodus: Link.

The plan is to migrate to a predisposed state (the unfortunate South Carolina being their promised land, apparently) and once they've managed to grow to a majority, politically divorce themselves from the rest of the union.

I've looked all over this site looking for signs that it's a hoax, but it appears to be as serious as ... well, a crutch.

I'm even thinking it's not a bad idea, if not for the current natives of SC who may not choose to live in a totalitarian theocracy. Oh well - maybe the rest of the Union can set them up in refugee camps until they can be relocated.


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