Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Must read: Bush flipflopping in the wind

Mark Kleiman gives us a play-by-play of Bush's acrobatics on the Patients-bill-of-rights issue. Long story short:

So having helped kill all state laws that do the thing he says he's for, and having refused to support a federal law that would do the thing he says he's for, or even a lesser law that would allow the states to do the thing he says he's for, the President's spokesman says the President is still for a patient's bill of rights. I think it's hard to call that either a flip-flop, since the President's actual position remains what it has always been, or a new straddle, since the President's rhetorial position also remais what it has always been. It's just that the actual and rhetorical positions are opposite to one another.

So I think this latest move has to be called neither a flip-flop nor a straddle, but simply a lie.

Thanks to Kevin for the link.


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