Saturday, July 03, 2004

The Left Doesn't Need a Limbaugh?

Ellen Goodman sees F911:

There were a few too many cheap shots among the direct hits, conspiracy theories among the solid facts, and tidbits of propaganda in the documentary. Going for the jugular, he sometimes went over the top.

The simple fact that George Bush the First called Moore a "slimeball" makes me itch to call him a "genius." But that's the problem. If the right is after him, does the choir have to sing the filmmaker's praises as our own cuddly and amusing pit bull?

Michael Moore has been called the left-wing answer to Rush Limbaugh. Rush without the OxyContin. But is it heresy to ask whether the left actually wants its own Rush?

Sorry, Ellen, but you're making the wrong analogy. There were a LOT of things in F911 that the majority of Americans didn't know - the Bush-Saud connection, the President sitting like a deactivated android while America was under attack - that they would have known if the press had been doing its job for the past three years. The fact that it takes a film-maker to bring out this stuff is disgraceful, but the disgrace doesn't redound to Michael Moore, but to the AWOL-presscorps, and to a certain degree, to the American public for willing to be so misled.

We may not need a Lefty Limbaugh, but we sure need more Moores.


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