Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Interesting developments

Thanks to Atrios for pointing out that the Wen Ho Lee civil lawsuit against the federal government is reaching an interesting phase, with contempt charges possibly facing six journalists who apparently pimped the government's 'case' against Lee in their stories.

NEW YORK Media attorneys are not hopeful about Wednesday morning's scheduled hearing in the Wen Ho Lee case, in which up to six reporters are expected to be held in contempt of court for failing to testify about confidential sources. "We are worried," said George Freeman, assistant general counsel for The New York Times. "The judge's prior ruling isn't the most optimistic."


The hearing takes on even more significance due to its timing -- just days after a string of subpoenas were issued in the Valerie Plame investigation. In that case, three subpoenas seeking testimony and records from the Times have been issued, while The Washington Post has received one subpoena compelling reporter Walter Pincus to testify in that case. Time magazine reporter Michael Cooper also faces jail time in this case.

Stories here and here.


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