Thursday, August 05, 2004

Like father, like son

Looks like Bush Jr. is displaying some of the patrician cluelessness that got his dad into electoral-college trouble.

Kerry Detours to Visit Town Skipped by Bush

CUBA CITY, Wis. -- Who knows? Given the closeness of the election in the swing state of Wisconsin, it might all come down to what happened here in the City of Presidents.

First, a few months ago, President Bush blew right on by, his bus rumbling down Main Street at 40 miles an hour without stopping, done and gone in a wave and a blink. Then, this Tuesday evening, right at suppertime and before the big lightning storm, here came John F. Kerry, zigzagging his Believe in America bus caravan several miles off route on the road from Beloit to Dubuque just so he could stop at the place that Bush slighted.


It was on May 7 that Bush came, and briefly saw, but didn't conquer. Word had reached Cuba City a few days earlier that the presidential bus caravan would pass through Cuba City on its way out of Dubuque and up through western Wisconsin. The city buzzed with anticipation. Schools were let out for the day and kids were bused in all the way from Dickeyville. A thousand schoolchildren lined the sidewalks near the corner of Main and Clay. Two funerals were postponed so that they wouldn't get in the way. A huge cutout of Bush was placed near the caboose. Chief Atkinson called in reinforcements from the Grant County sheriff's office and had the local fire department volunteers remove any possible hazards from Main Street.

"We were all ready," Atkinson said. "And Bush didn't stop."

Reg Weber, sausage manufacturer, says of Kerry, "All he had to do was stop and he got my vote. He recognizes the little people."

I'm sure Bush recognizes the little people too... when he needs someone to carry his golf-clubs, for instance.


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