Monday, September 13, 2004

Sound familiar?

Go here to check out ten signs of a dangerous cult: link.

Includes these warnings:

Any legitimately questionable group or relationship need not exhibit every trait to be considered destructive; in fact, according to cult exit counselor Bruce Laughton, "the presence of only one or two of these traits indicates a genuine need for real concern."


These ten traits are all designed to accomplish one central cult goal: indoctrination into the group's belief system with a simultaneous shutdown of independent thought. The nature and precise details of that belief system will differ sharply from group to cause to philosophy to study group, but the human dynamics involved are always the same. When you find a group of warm, friendly people who have all the answers, whose group claims to speak for God or possess "true enlightenment" exclusively and encourages you to stop thinking for yourself, you have found a destructive cult - no matter what the label, exterior reputation or collection of testimonies would say otherwise.

I see six of the ten in the current administration... Just saying...

Thanks to Moonwatcher on Bartcop for the link.


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