Tuesday, October 19, 2004

What the Hell is WRONG with Florida?

Students at the University of Central Florida and two community colleges claim they were duped into switching their party affiliations from Democrat to Republican, campus police officials said Tuesday.

Fewer than 10 students have filed reports with UCF police saying they were approached by a middle-aged couple in the student union who asked for support in changing child molestation laws. The students filled out a form that asked for personal information, and some time later they received a notice from the county election supervisor's office that their party affiliation had been changed, said Sgt. Troy Williamson, a spokesman for the UCF police.


All the cases involved Democrats being switched to Republicans, Williamson said. He added that the party switch wouldn't affect their ability to vote in the Nov. 2 election. The first police complaint was made last week.

More at link.

All's I can figure is Rep Get-out-the-vote workers who needed more Rs to make their quota or something; they certainly can't make the students vote for Bush... uh-oh... Maybe this is the groundwork-laying to make a Bush-Florida victory seem less odd than it might otherwise and raise questions about those damned black boxes... (do do do do <-- twilight zone)


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