Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Putin knows....

... and is wondering when George is going to notice...

My fearless and omnipotent predictions:
--- Pool reporters at the gaggle will quiz Scottie mercilessly. Scottie will claim not to know what they're talking about, then when presented with the evidence will claim it's a photoshopped 'conspiracy', will outrage all over reporters for being 'fooled'.
--- AP Photographer Ricardo Mazalan will testify that this is his unretouched photo.
--- Freepers and Drudge will start rumors about Mazalan's 'life-style' and wonder why he hates America.
--- The Chimp will make some self-deprecating remark about 'barn-doors' while taking questions next to some deeply-chagrined foreign leader.
--- 51% of the population will think he's 'charming'.

Honestly, wouldn't you really rather he schtup an intern in decent privacy than embarrass us all in public this way?


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