Friday, January 07, 2005

Reminder: Tip the Angel

Getting shameless, I am... just a brief reminder that I offer two ways to show your appreciation to the Prairie Angel; the Paypal tip jar and the Amazon tip jar. Scroll down to December 30th for my tale of car-related financial woes. And a very mushy thank-you to my donors to date.

I sold twelve books on ebay this week for circa fifty dollars; found another twenty-eight books thrifting that I shall be listing this week. Also a dozen or so from my overstuffed library that I haven't looked at in decades... clear the clutter, free the chi...

Other bloggers have already mentioned this, but it deserves harping on, I think. Armstong Williams has been paid approximately a quarter of a million dollars to tout the Admin's bogus 'no child left behind' scam. So why isn't anyone offering me a like deal? I'm MUCH more reasonable - for a modest stipend of, say, a thousand a week, I will promote any liberal or progressive cause I believe in on a forun that can theoretically reach the entire world! Can't say fairer than that, can you?


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