Thursday, February 10, 2005

Weirder and Weirder...

... the 'Jeff Gannon' story, that is.

Now we find out the pseudonymous uncredentialled shill pimping for the White House has registered domains for a collection of websites that appear to be pimping military studs to gay guys... MediaCitizen has the compendium of stories coming out on 'Gannon'.

The DailyKos is all over the 'Gannon' connection to the Valerie Plame outing; see link for a fascinating and detailed chronology of when and where 'Jeff Gannon' appears.

Now Congresswoman Slaughter asks Bush some pointed questions:

According to several credible reports, "Mr. Gannon" has been repeatedly credentialed as a member of the White House press corps by your office and has been regularly called upon in White House press briefings by your Press Secretary Scott McClellan, despite the fact evidence shows that "Mr. Gannon" is a Republican political operative, uses a false name, has phony or questionable journalistic credentials, is known for plagiarizing much of the "news" he reports, and according to several web reports, may have ties to the promotion of the prostitution of military personnel.


I was already concerned about what appears to be an organized campaign to mask partisan propaganda as legitimate news by your Administration. That we have now learned this same type of deception is occurring inside the White House briefing room itself is even more disturbing.

That is why I am asking you to please explain to the Congress and to the American people how and why the individual known as "Mr. Gannon" was repeatedly cleared by your staff to join the legitimate White House press corps?

You think she'll get an answer?

Memo to 'Jeff': if you want to register domains that your conservative friends might find, well, not in keeping with their (*kaff, choke*) Values, may I suggest you use a service like, where for a nominal fee, they will register your domain privately, so that blogging busy-bodies visiting WhoIs will only be able to discover that the domain was registered by GoDaddy, and all your contact information will be protected. [I was not reimbursed in any way for this gratuitous plug for GoDaddy. Damn it.]


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