Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Being Busy

Yeah, it's kinda busy in Leesburg VA. On top of my duties at the store, I'm building a website for a client (no, you can't see it; it's not in a state fit for viewing yet) and the metaphysics site for the AllInfoAbout network. You can see the latter here. No, I don't have any control over the look/feel, and if you see that damned 'pop a zit and win an iPod' ad, it's not my fault. I hate it too.

Ace asked about my 'What is the Tao Te Ching?' article - it has finally web-surfaced here. One presumes that others of my 20-odd articles will eventually emerge here as well.

Pagewise is a click-site. That is, informational content is provided on which to display ads. The content exists so that the ads will appear and hopefully create click-thru. God, I feel like a sitcom writer...


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