Thursday, May 26, 2005

Keep breeding the cannon fodder

A little-known provision of the "No Child Left Behind" law (sorry, I can't NOT quote that ridiculous misnomer) requires all public high schools to provide contact information on all their students to military recruiters unless the parents sign an opt-out form. This is the Columbia Record Club method - you must take a positive action to PREVENT something from happening, rather than causing it to happen.

Now this from Minneapolis:

Pressured to meet quotas, some U.S. military recruiters have bent or broken the rules for enticing young people into the service. And on the eve of a day of atonement of sorts, CBS News Correspondent Jim Acosta reports that a little-known provision in the federal No Child Left Behind law gives these recruiters a secret weapon when aiming to recruit high schoolers, and catch the attention of students as young as 14.

CBS News has reported that from asking teens to lie to their parents to guiding them through duping the drug-test system and forging documents, recruiters will go to many lengths to get young people to enlist. One Houston-area recruiter was caught on tape threatening jail time if a applicant didn't keep his appointment.

So in order to take a day to re-train Army recruiters in the ethics of enlisting, the entire Army recruitment system will stand down — or cease recruitment — Friday.

Threatening a teen with jail if he didn't keep an appointment??

If you know parents of high-school aged children, send them this link - Leave My Child Alone.


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