Thursday, June 23, 2005

Privatizing 9/11

Well, we knew that was the plan all along. A national tragedy has co-opted to become the private fund-raising event for the exclusive use of the GOP.

Bush has always known that 9/11 was his lucky day, the day he 'hit the trifecta'. He knew it as soon as mid-September, '01, according to his own budget director.

Soon it became fodder for tawdry transactions of a more financial nature - send at least $150 to the GOP and we'll send you this Commemorative Photo of our Glorious Leader, at the Helm of State on 9/11.

Now the GOP has made it clear - 9/11 as an event and a historic turning point is their sole property, to be used to beat those who diagree with them over the head at will.

So what if many of the 9/11 dead were liberals or democrats? Death transformed them into glorious fodder for the use of the GOP, and I'm sure they're all proud of the use that has been made of their deaths.


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