Friday, September 09, 2005

Ignoring the Elephant

The media, by pretending that any disagreement with the administration is just 'politics', continues to ignore the ENORMOUS elephant sitting right in front of them.

Competence and intelligence matter. Competence and intelligence are not 'just matters of opinion' but of objective fact. They have mattered all along, and ignoring these two attributes has directly led to the mess the administration continues to make of every single thing it touches.

Look, I have major disagreements with the positions taken by Republicans on many important issues. But if they only pursued them competently and had the intelligence to understand the implications, they would at least earn my respect. These bozos are worthy only of scorn and condemnation.

It's only human nature that a stupid incompetent is not going to hire a bunch of smart, competent people to work for him. First, hiring intelligence, competent subordinates will make the leader look worse by comparison. Second, he's too stupid to recognize the attributes, except as something he lacks and thus fears and despises. So if you have a dumb incompetent person at the head of the pyramid, stupidity and incompetence are going to 'trickle down' until they infect the very people who get things done. The 'brain-drain' at FEMA that the media finally noticed is one very good example.

When is everyone going to stop shying away from admitting what ought to be finally obvious to even the terrorists? This administration is too stupid and incompetent to lead.


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