Thursday, September 15, 2005


In yet another sign that you can't trust the administration to dress themselves properly, Bush appeared tonight with his shirt buttoned askew.

Do you suppose it was a calculated ploy? Like the rolled up sleeves are supposed to make us think he'd been toting sandbags to the levees?

Comments: (transcript here)

"Within this zone, we should provide immediate incentives for job-creating investment: tax relief for small businesses, incentives to companies that create jobs and loans and loan guarantees for small businesses, including minority-owned enterprises, to get them up and running again."

Well, it's nice to see that he's not explicitly excluding minorities. One would think that 'small businesses' would imply ALL small businesses, but I guess when you're in the South, you have to spell these things out.

"Some of that money is going to governors, to be used for immediate needs within their states. A portion will also be sent to local houses of worship to help reimburse them for the expense of helping others."

Um. Excuse me? If you reimburse people for their acts of charity, they lose all their charitable brownie points and can't get heaven-credit for them. But even worse, paying back someone's act of charity, as any true southerner could tell you, is just tacky...


At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh yes!!! that is the POINT of faith based charity, that it take some of the burden off of the various levels of State-Sponsored relief. Doink... It says right there in both Testaments that we are supposed to be helping out those in need, and that we are not supposed to ask for anything in return as that negates the act of faith. (i.e you are not supposed to get a reward on the earthly plane (I just keep seeing grounded airplanes with that phrase). Or have the new updated churches decided to omit this very important point!!! (Technically you are not supposed to assume brownie points in heaven either - but I guess that is too much to ask for either.) Cheeze... even when he is supposed to be doing the right thing he is f***ing it up. I, for one, will be appalled if my denomination takes any 'relief' money back. Unf***ing believable. Arrrgggghhhhh...

Have I said yet that is just un(*&$%)(&$%(*&$%ing believable??!?!?!?!?!?

damn... can't remember my blogger password... just call me DiamondLil


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