Saturday, October 22, 2005

A Clean Desk is a Sign of an Empty Mind

As a charter member of the messy desk society, I found this little 'human interest' tidbit in the NYTimes article on Patrick Fitzgerald encouraging.

"You'd open a drawer, looking for a pen or Post-it notes, and it would be full of dirty socks," recalled Karen Patton Seymour, a former assistant United States attorney who tried a major case with him. "He was a mess. Food here, clothes there, papers everywhere. But behind all that was a totally organized mind."
I used to have a little pseudo-sampler that said "Dull Women have Immaculate Homes".

Later in same article:

During his time in New York, Mr. Fitzgerald's hapless bachelor ways became legendary. For months he did not bother to have the gas connected to the stove in his Brooklyn apartment. Once, in a fit of domesticity, he baked two pans of lasagna, recalled Amy E. Millard, a New York colleague. Distracted by work, he left them uneaten in the oven for three months before he discovered them, Ms. Millard said. When he tried to adopt a cat, she remembered, he was turned down because of his work habits and only later acquired a pet when a friend in Florida had to give up her cat and had it flown to him to New York.
Pat... can I call you Pat? Now that you have your own website, a gentle hint. Cat blogging is a friday tradition. Oh, sure - indictments take precedence and I wouldn't want you to take on anything that might delay them in any way. But I think I speak for many when I say I'm expecting some pictures of this cat.


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