Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Harriet End Game

Newsweek speculates on whether or not Harriet will ever sit on the Supremes here.

Meanwhile, Plamegate is metastasizing. People are searching for the Grand Unified Scandal Theory (GUST, heh):

It’s really possible that right now, before our eyes, unfolding in slow motion, is a sordid, jaw-dropping story that connects everything from Bolton to Dobson, GannonGuckert to HannityO'Reilly, Florida in 2000 to Ohio in 2004, Enron to Halliburton, lies about the Texas Air National Guard to lies about WMDs.
My theory - Harriet's going to end up being first female President of the United States. How? you ask?

Via a modified Agnew/Nixon scenario.

Scooter flips for Fitz, yields up Cheney; Cheney quickly resigns for 'health reasons', is given a blanket, admit-no-guilt pardon by the Puppet. The Boy King, realizing his days are numbered, appoints Harriet VP, as a consolation for a no-longer possible Supreme seat. As impeachment looms over the question of who forged the Niger documents, Bush resigns 'for the good of the country', takes another one of those admit-no-guilt blanket pardons from New Prez Miers, and vanishes to Crawford, where he drinks himself to death in deserved obscurity.

Miers can't make a worse President that the one who's there now.


At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dang! And no LSD is involved in this prognostication?




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