Thursday, October 06, 2005

Mannequin sex!

I can't believe Wonkette's not all OVER this story:

Tongues were wagging. E-mails were flying around PTA message groups and church listservs. People who heard about it came by to take a look for themselves. The issue was tiny underwear -- women's fine lingerie, to be exact-- and how it should be displayed on lifelike mannequins in the newest wing of one of America's biggest malls.

"Little Shop of Whores," huffed one woman standing outside the new Victoria's Secret in Tysons Corner Center. "Slut wear," declared the father of a teenage girl, looking at a feathery-thong-clad mannequin bent over as if she were adjusting her spike heels.

Follow link for full story and a pic! The only problem I have with the photo is that the mannequins are all built like Anne Coulter. And now with the mental image of Anne Coulter in a feathery thong... excuse me while I go wash my brain out with bleach.

Thanks to Praxxus for the link.


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