Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Drum circle ROCKS!

We have drum circle every Tuesday from 7 to 9; they're downstairs in our instore gazebo and I'm upstairs in my office and they're shaking the rafters tonight. They rule.

Just thought I'd share.


At 10:46 PM, Blogger Outre Gay Rock Blogger said...

When I was in college, we had this event, an outdoor concert by the hot local bands of the moment for the college Amnesty chapter, co-sponsored by the local non-college chapter.

Anyway, one year we got hit with a bunch of really motivated creative people who all wanted to get involved with peripheral events. A couple of them were DJs who rented out the nearby roller rink (yes there still was one, and this was the '90s) where they setup turntables and invited people to bring drums for a drum circle and pay a donation/cover charge type thing.

Anyway, they started up the music and all was well and good. But as soon as the drums started, the old couple that owned the roller rink *freaked the f*ck* out!* (can I say f*ck here?!)

They threw us all out. They did give the DJs the money back plus whatever they "earned" at the door, but they "didn't want any of that Satanic sh*t going on in their building!"


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