Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Why is this guy still writing?

So Bob Woodward was the first leakee? I hope you're following this - I haven't been writing on it because everyone else is. Just peruse my blogroll and visit Josh, Kevin, John, etc for all the latest on Woodward.

Here's my question. Well, one of them. Why is this guy still writing on this topic for the Washington Post? Why don't they just assign stories to Dick Cheney directly and cut out the middle-man?


At 6:50 PM, Anonymous Ace said...


I'm shocked to see you turning on Bob Woodward. He was one of your heroes when he - and his runnin' buddy Bernstein - took down the Nixon Administration.

Is is possible - I said possible? - that whatever Woodward got in terms of this story/leak was deemed to be not worth much play at the time? Maybe that's why the Post sat on the story. That is a more likely explanation than the Wash Post being in the pocket of the Bushees.

Or might it be that Woodward is now claiming to have had this story early on just as a way to maintain his "stature" in the world of "reporters with taps on the inside stuff"?

Or might he be - - fabricating all of this?

In any event, I'm surprised that you would turn so quickly on one of your heroes...


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