Sunday, December 18, 2005

Random AnderBlogging

Hmm. I see I've been discovered by the boys at Datalounge. Just for you, guys:

Anderson Cooper explains the 'unbutton jacket for sincerity' move to Stephen Colbert

If you missed the (all-too-brief) Colbert interview with Anderson, you can watch it in its entirety here.


At 5:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

RAWR, he's just smokin' HOT. Bet he can get anybody he wants with that "lean in for emphasis thing".

At 7:54 PM, Anonymous mmaxx said...

I think he said that, after buttoning the jacket to sit, he'd "open up for emphasis", while leaning in. Yeah.

At 6:22 PM, Blogger he who is known as sefton said...

"At the recent Washington Correspondents' Dinner, master comedian Stephen Colbert performed magnificently. With the rapier of wit and the mace of truth, he respectively skewered and censured the presidency of "dum'ass botch".

Talk about wonderful lagniappe! Mr Colbert made that nincompoop's lap dogs in our national conventional media run for cover with their tail between their legs. And that's not all our man accomplished.

Tucked away in his address to the dinner's flabbergasted attendees, like a ticking time bomb, there was an 'easter egg', which we had absolutely . . . here 'we' is a polite nod . . . NO right to expect. Like the Easter Bunny in a mischievous mood, Mr Colbert camouflaged a bon mot, so profound as to approach philosophical.

oh, before I reveal Mr Colbert's casual accomplishment, I should like to preface with a caveat. The appropriate interpretation of that remark requires sagacity an-- . . ."

oh, alright (!) already, I'll admit it. The above text is meant to serve as "bait" for the dear Reader's curiosity. Yes, I would like people to visit my blog. And why not?! The average visitor is bound to find one or two startling insights. What's more, it's a good bet that more than a few visitors will discover that I evoke with the written word thought, hitherto more, well, tantalizing than articulated.

.he who is known as sefton

. . . oh, yeah, I should add that the full title for that post is "rehabilitation of and by and for the right wing" . . . by the bye, depending on visitor's essentiality, one might be either heartened or dismayed by one, or two, of my easter eggs.


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