Monday, January 02, 2006

Running Down the Road Trying to Loosen My Load

The store was open for business yesterday, so I was driving home circa 9 PM. Leaving Leesburg, going maybe 45 in a 35 MPH zone... flashing lights in the rear view!

I pulled over and waited for the infant boy in uniform (where DO they recruit them these days?) He said something like 'going kind of fast there'. What can you say? I said, as I handed him license and registration, "Sorry, the Temptations were on the radio and I was singing along." Perfectly true, btw. He probably had no idea who the temptations were.

He flashed his flashlight on the windshield and kindly neglected to notice my expired safety inspection sticker. I think he was embarrassed to discover he had pulled over a seven-year-old Plymouth Breeze. He told me to slow down and sent me on my way.

I drove 52 MPH in the 55 zone the rest of the way home. Still singing along though, but by now it was the Eagles...

Looking for a lover who won't blow my cover, they're sooooo hard to fiiiind.


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