Wednesday, February 01, 2006


GOP stronghold Loudoun County, Virginia, is sending a Dem to the House of Delegates after today's special election.

Voters Sweep Herring Into Senate Seat Jan 31, 2006 -- Democrat Mark R. Herring won every Loudoun precinct in today's special election to fill the 33rd District Senate seat vacated by the resignation of Bill Mims.
Man, if the GOP didn't own Diebold, they might start getting worried.


At 10:09 PM, Anonymous Ace said...

Even though I refuse to believe that Loudon County is a "bellweather" for the rest of the country, I do believe that this special election is a harbinger of a Democratic capture of the House of Representatives in the upcoming off-year elections.

I believe the Senate is out of reach in 2006, but the Democrats should gain a couple of seats.


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