Saturday, March 04, 2006

It's like Incredible Journey, only different!

Remember the Tsunami-surviving Tortoise and Hippo? They've inspired a movie.

Oscar-winning special-effects maven John Dykstra is set to make his directing debut on "Tortoise and Hippo," a film inspired by a photo that circulated following the Asian tsunami.

The snapshot documented a baby hippo and 100-year-old tortoise comforting each other at a wildlife sanctuary after being rescued from the Indian Ocean.

"The actual event that inspired the movie captured the imagination of the world," said Alex Schwartz, executive VP production at Walden Media, one of the producers of the film.

"We're going to create a movie inspired by it that we hope can tell a story everyone can relate to, which is that you can be different but still belong to the same family."

One of the director's main challenges will be depicting the tsunami onscreen, which brings with it computer-graphic and storytelling challenges.

"The tsunami is a critical component in the telling of this story," Dykstra said. "It's a sensitive storytelling issue."

Here's the synposis from the Movie Insider:

An unlikely friendship forms between a cranky old tortoise in India and a baby hippo. The tortoise tolerates the baby hippo at first because it is a chick magnet, but then develops patriarchal feelings and takes the baby on a dangerous journey home to Africa.
The baby hippo is a chick magnet!!


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