Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Bully Pulpit

Now, you know me. I'm not one to try to force my views on anyone. But something has come to my attention that is just too important not to lobby for.

I have recently learned that there's a contest underway to decide what fans of Snakes on a Plane should be called. And right now, the boring entries are winning.

I mean, come on. Snakesonaplaniacs? Ho-hum. Motherfuckers? Better but so open to misinterpretation. SoaP Scum? Please. Just... no.

The only possible selection for the true Snakes on a Plane connoisseur is... Aeroherpetologists.

So please, visit Snakes on a Blog and cast your vote today for Aeroherpetologists

Vote early, vote often. Buy Diebold if you have to.


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