Friday, June 23, 2006

Theft of Services

This is interesting:

A Vancouver, Wash. coffee shop tired of seeing a 20-year-old man mooch off their free wireless Internet access called the police, who charged him with "theft of services."

Brewed Awakenings employees dialed 911 after Alexander Eric Smith of Battle Ground, Wash. piggybacked off the shop's wireless Internet service for more than three months.

"He doesn't buy anything," Emily Pranger, the shop's manager, told KATU, a Portland, Ore. television station. "It's not right for him to come and use it."


County deputies charged Smith with theft of services after returning to the parking lot after they told him to stop. The crime, which covers such crimes as bypassing a utility meter, stealing cable, and leaving a restaurant without paying, has been used in the past to prosecute hackers who have accessed a computer or network without paying for it. "It's something that is borderline creepy," Pranger said to KATU.

Okay, not earth-shatteringly important, maybe, but I can relate. We have a group of mooching teens that come into our store, make a beeline for the cookies we have out for customers, nosh their fill and then leave. Hmmm... Theft of Services...


At 7:26 PM, Blogger QUASAR9 said...

Be kind, be nice, be gentle, think twice. You never know who that kid is.

A friend runs a delivery service, received a £40,00 order, sent the delivery - the chap couldn't pay. What to do, what to do. Couldn't take the food back, it'd be spoilt. Give it, give it to the lad.

Next day this kind act was rewarded by the young lads parents ordering £80 of food, and paying in cash. A mighty & bug family too they were.

Just that their son was going thru a bad 'patch' that's all. Fate sometimes a test.

Another time, my mother's garden gnomes went missing. some 'little devils' no doubt. And though I could see she was distraught, I managed to stop her before she cursed the children. you never know how or when your curses shall come back to bite you.

Do next day I bought her three faerie lights for her garden. And now you prairie angel, what can I, what can I do for you. laters Q


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