Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cooper. Anderson Cooper.

Just when I thought there was an upper limit to Anderson's adorableness, nasty gossip Radar outs him as a former CIA college intern. He acknowledges the connection on his own blog. Fave quote: "Oh, yeah, in case you're interested, after I graduated college, I briefly worked as a waiter, but I decided not to make a career out of that job either."

Eat the Press' Rachel Sklar puts it best:

Second scoopy day at RadarOnline: Today, they add to our Anderson Cooper fantasy fodder by revealing that actually, that might be a gun in his pocket: Turns out our AndyCoop once trained to be in the CIA! Apparently young Anderson spent his summers after sophomore and junior year at Yale at Langley "in a program for students interested in intelligence work." No word on whether he packed heat. Apparently that was it for Anderson, who decided against a career of parachuting into treacherous situations in war-torn regions abroad. Oh, wait.
Let's face it - the only reason no one's made a movie of his life yet is because there are no actors good looking enough to play him.


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