Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Got your teeshirt yet?

Scores of people were killed in Baghdad on Tuesday in bombing and shooting incidents, most of them in neighborhoods where the militia of a powerful anti-American Shiite cleric holds sway. A suicide bomber and a car bomb killed at least 65 people and wounded 138 more at entrances to a once-prestigious university in Baghdad. LINK

It really looks like the beginning of a slide into the prelude of a full-out escalation into the possibility of a full-blown ramp up to a chance that there will be an actual start of a something that looks very much like, but possibly isn't, a civil war.

Whose side are you taking? Team Sunni? or Team Shi'ia? I can't decide - Bush is taking Team Shi'ia, obviously, so in theory, I ought to be on Team Sunni, but that puts me in bed with Saudi Arabia, which I understand is a very uncomfortable place to be. Decisions, decisions...


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