Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What I keep saying

Maybe you'll listen to the Christian Science Monitor?

Why the economy fares much better under Democrats

Princeton, N.J. – John McCain is a maverick and Barack Obama is a postpartisan problem-solver. But you wouldn't know it by looking at their economic plans. Both candidates' proposals faithfully reflect the traditional economic priorities of their respective parties. That makes the track records of past Democratic and Republican administrations a very useful benchmark for assessing how the economy might perform under a President McCain or a President Obama. The bottom line: During the past 60 years, Democrats have presided over much less unemployment and much more robust income growth.

I have never understood, particularly after the excesses of the Reagan years, why the GOP has managed to maintain the lead (until very recently) on 'knows how to deal with the economy'. It NEVER fails; the GOP comes in and fucks everything up royally and then leaves the mess for a Democratic president to fix.

Please please, can we finally admit the GOP SUCKS at managing the economy? They always have!


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