Friday, May 07, 2004

Great news for sociopaths!

This just in! Contractors in Iraq are not accountable to either military OR civilian justice! From Joe Conason's recent posting in Salon:

"The Uniform Code of Military Justice, which governs the conduct of officers and soldiers, does not apply to civilian contractors," he adds. "They were free to do whatever they wanted to do, with impunity, including homicide."

If that seems hard to believe, it is apparently true that the contractors are exempt from prosecution by Iraqi and U.S. courts and not answerable to those within the military chain of command.

So if anyone out there feels, you know, HAMPERED by the laws of civilized society, here's your chance. Just get a job with a contractor and head to Iraq... you can operate with complete lack of consequences.

And oh, by the way, CACI is hiring...

Thanks to Atrios for the heads-up.


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