Sunday, June 20, 2004

The Amazing Trent Lott

This is a man who by nature can not learn. Spencer Ackerman, filling in for Josh Marshall at Talking Points, directs us to this NYT piece (questions in italics, Lott's answers in plain-text):

Speaking of Mosul, how do you think the war in Iraq is going?

There are terrorists in Iraq who have been drawn into that part of the world. Every day we eliminate some of them; that's one more that won't be coming here.

What do you mean by eliminate them? Where are the terrorists and insurgents going to go?

Well, they are going to be killed. When they attack our troops, 20 or 30 or 40 at a time are being eliminated.

We can't kill everyone who hates America!

We can kill a lot of them, particularly when they try to kill us.

And you think that will lead to democracy in Iraq?

It's kind of like the song about New York. If it can succeed in Iraq, it can succeed anywhere.

You recently created a stir when you defended the interrogation techniques at Abu Ghraib.

Most of the people in Mississippi came up to me and said: ''Thank Goodness. America comes first.'' Interrogation is not a Sunday-school class. You don't get information that will save American lives by withholding pancakes.

But unleashing killer dogs on naked Iraqis is not the same as withholding pancakes.

I was amazed that people reacted like that. Did the dogs bite them? Did the dogs assault them? How are you going to get people to give information that will lead to the saving of lives?

Is there no depth of vileness that would make this man ashamed? (Rhetorical question, I know...)


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