Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Howdy Fellas

Nyuck nyuck nyuck. I've been putting ads around the blogosphere to advertise my new blog; being the frugal country mouse that I am, I selected blogs with good readership and affordable rates (guys like Atrios being a bit too expensive a date for a cheap chick like me).

Well, one of my advertisees, Transvigor is a blog for those guys who appreciate... um, strong women. I'm pretty sure they mean 'physically strong' from the photos and the lack of essays appreciating the likes of Maggie Thatcher and Ma Walton. Anyway, the Valkyrie-fan who runs the blog just got rough (oooh!) with his readership:

I've been breaking my ass the last eight weeks or so, trying to deliver more and better content to drive up traffic and comments. Yet daily site visitors peaked at about 2000 a little over a month ago, and the number has backed off over the last ten days to about 1600. Don't you people have any friends? This is a referral business!

Worse, the only advertising I've sold is to one flaky delusional chick in flyover country. At this writing, precisely 33 of you have bothered to click on the ad, though it's been there a week. Would you just click on the goddamned ad, already? I have expenses, people! Mouths to feed, etc, etc

So I'm seeing a lot of traffic from muscle-lovers. One commenter (who knows what he likes) puts in this plaintive request:

I know you don't choose the ads, but if you could manage to get one from "The Sweat-Drenched Massive Prairie Amazonian Queen" we'd click it incessantly.

(That's my cousin - she's way shy, sorry. But you might like my Very Blonde friend, Blondesense...)

So visit Transvigor if you want the latest on Hot Muscle Babes. And advertisers, he's really a good buy, cost-per-click-wise, altho' of course not to compare to that Manliest of Men and cheapest date in the blogosphere, Jesus' General, where I averaged a fabulous three-cents-a-click.


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