Monday, July 05, 2004

Cheney: Pain or Gain

Today's WashPost has an analysis of Dick "If it Feels Good, Do It" Cheney. Best quote:

At a time when Republicans are unified on nearly every other question, a number of well-known party members continue to talk privately about the possibility that Cheney will be replaced before the party's convention at the end of August. White House officials said there was no possibility that would occur. But one GOP official, exasperated with Cheney's continued talk about Iraq's supposed arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, compared him to the Japanese guerrillas who filtered out of the jungle in the 1950s, not realizing World War II was over.

Personally, I think the buzz on the ticket dropping Mr. Charm is wishful thinking on the part of certain wistful Republicans who still haven't noticed the puppet-strings attached to Bush's clothing.


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