Friday, August 20, 2004

Shaaaadowy Groooooups!

Booga booga!

Read Dan Fromkin's White House Briefing today; scroll down to "No Swift Denunciation" (hey, Dan - how 'bout some interior links?) and count the number of times Scott McClellan uses the new buzzword "shadowy groups".

The intent is clear - the admin has decided that since the Smear Vet group is drawing so much negative attention, they can use that to smear, if you will, other groups who are funded by similar types of donations, whether or not the other 'shadowy groups' are involved in promulgating falsehoods and calling it 'truth'. The obvious target of this implied smear is, who in the best tradition of evil genius masterminds the world over, announce their intentions via their website.

To be fair, it's even a bit much to continue to call the Smear Vet group 'shadowy', after the New York Times exercised an ancient and little-used art called 'journalism' and exposed their connections to the Bush family, Karl Rove and a plethora of other Texas Republicans.

Man, this whole tale of bogusness and hypocrisy has my sarcasm-needle pinned in the red.


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