Friday, August 06, 2004

Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable

From today's WashPost, yet another in the never-ending series of totally clueless explanations of why the Boy-King draws so much ire:

Anyone who hobnobs with progressives knows by now that a fair proportion of these bright and articulate Americans hate George W. Bush. They abhor him. The embrace of Bush hatred has even appeared in otherwise sober journals of opinion such as the New Republic. Why? How is it that so many thoughtful people hold a belief that is surprising -- and troubling -- to the vast majority of Americans?


My argument was that presidential hatred developed not from actions the president took while in office but from images of the president as a young adult. The president represented critical cultural divisions of a previous generation, divisions that were never fully healed. ...

Bush's administration is free of scandals. [emphasis mine] He has not eliminated federal programs, not even the National Endowment for the Arts. The retreats have been strategic and slight. Not to say that Democrats should agree with "W" -- but hate him?

Once again emotional juice bubbles from the springs of the past. This loathing derives from Bush's seeming life of ease. If Bill Clinton was a Zelig, present at every influential moment, George W. Bush is Forrest Gump. He has led a charmed life, in which mediocrity, error and failure have had no consequences other than to produce success. An indifferent student, Bush attended both Yale and Harvard, escaped service in Vietnam, escaped disgrace despite drunken driving, failed as an oil magnate only to be promoted to head the Texas Rangers baseball team and, lacking political experience, became governor of Texas. His family and mentors paved the way for this untalented scion of privilege. Bush was the frat boy who never grew up.

Helloooo? Paging Doctor Need-a-clue. Bush still is the frat boy who never grew up. He still refused to admit he's ever made a mistake, and he's still got people covering for him, as his ever-lengthening series of boneheaded disasters mires the nation further in the mud.

And "free of scandals"? Had you been completely off the grid for the past four years? Abu Ghraib? WMDs? Valerie Plame? Cheney-burton? Saudi influence?

Can you possibly accept that someone even you call an 'untalented scion of privilege' deserves the contempt he's receiving from anyone who's been paying attention?


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