Wednesday, October 20, 2004

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Swearing can make men impotent

Too much swearing can make men impotent and women develop male characteristics including facial hair and extra muscles.

According to research by Russian scientist Gennady Cheurin and his team at the Centre for Ecological Safety and Survival in Yekaterinburg, the research was based on the popular belief that water has a type of "memory" that can be influenced by positive and negative forces.

Cheurin said that his team had sworn at a glass of water for several hours and then poured it over wheat seeds. Only 48 per cent of those seeds which were watered with the "foul" water sprouted as opposed to 93 per cent of seeds watered with holy water taken from natural springs.

Cheuring said: "We then looked at heavy swearers and others who never used bad language, and found whenever men use these words in their daily life, this immediately leads to sexual dysfunctions, i.e. impotence. If a woman uses these words in her daily speech, she slowly begins transforming into a man, getting more hair and muscles."

A paper recently published in the reputable journal Physica A by Swiss chemist Louis Rey found that even though they should be identical, the structure of hydrogen bonds in pure water is very different from that in homeopathic dilutions of salt solutions.

This article leaves me yearning to know more about the research protocol. For instance, 'swearing' is a pretty broad category. Did they take the Lord's Name in vain? Denigrate the water's parentage? Or cause it to suffer poor self-esteem by being told it was 'bad, ugly, useless, STUPID water'? Really, until we know this and more, how can we take this report seriously?


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