Sunday, October 31, 2004

Is Virginia still in play?

The WashPost is reporting the possibility exists...

And here's anecdotal evidence from Leesburg, Virginia, which every October 31st has a big halloween parade downtown. Every firetruck, marching band, karate class and insurance company for miles around decorates a truck to parade down King Street past the courthouse (and not incidentally, right past the front of my store.)

This year we (Esoterica) fielded a truck, complete with bellydancers and cloaked witches. This all to explain why I was standing outside my store with a camera as the parade went by. This is the first election year since we purchased the store, so I wasn't aware that the various candidates' supporters fielded trucks and cars as well.

And here in Leesburg VA, Bastion of the Right, the Kerry trucks and cars were greeted with cheers and cries of "Help is on the way!" and the Bush trucks and cars were greeted with boos and cries of "Ker-REE Ker-REE" and "Two More Days".

Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it; that's how Republican Virginia tends to be. But it sure cheered me up.

Pix downloading now - stay tuned.


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