Monday, October 25, 2004

Alternate History

I'm usually a big fan of 'alternate history' tales - the South wins the Civil War, Kennedy doesn't go to Dallas and wins a second term, the Spanish colonize the New World...

Who knew that Dick Cheney were also an aficianado?

The Soviet Union might still exist and Saddam Hussein might dominate the Gulf if Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry had been president in recent years, Vice President Dick Cheney said on Saturday.

Cheney told supporters that Kerry had run for the U.S. Senate in the 1980s on a promise to do away with many of the weapons that U.S. President Ronald Reagan used to end the Cold War.

``So if John Kerry had been in charge, maybe the Soviet Union would still be in business,'' President Bush's running mate said on a campaign trip to the swing state of New Mexico.

More at link.

Do you remember the big, definitive battle that won the Cold War? You know - the one where our Superior Weaponry won the day for us?

...that's funny. Neither do I...


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