Wednesday, December 22, 2004

$1322 later...

... I now have a shiny new exhaust system and a car that passes the Virginia emissions inspection.

You know, having been in the 'comfortable' range for most of my life, and now flirting with the lower ranges of the 'middle class', I find myself growing more... anarchic about the entire range of government mandated inspections on vehicles. What do the truly poor do to keep themselves mobile? Do safety inspections actually make vehicles safer? Are emissions standards benefits to the air in line with the amount of money they take out of the economy? Or is enriching the inspectors and the inspection system 'fueling' a portion of the economy? Atrios, you're an economist - any ideas?

That said, I'm kind of disillusioned with the online 'community'. A twenty-something spendthrift with a Gucci habit can apparently pull in over $17,000 to pay off her creditcard debts, but an extremely frugal middle-aged small-business owner with a huge car repair bill gets... zippo.

So how 'bout this? Forget everything you thought you knew about the Prairie Angel. I'm not a middle-aged small business owner of the liberal persuasion. No, in fact, I'm a Young Republican, putting on this huge act. But I've got bills, see - it costs a lot to hang out with all the really cool Republicans and act like you were born rich, and of course all us YRs go through blow like candy. So help out a Defender of Truth and Justice by donating to help me Keep Up With the Coulters and Carlsons.

If you'd like to get a little something for your bucks, visit my two gift shops, the Wonkery and the WooWoo Room.

Now I'm taking my newly legal car and my two cats and retreating to the countryside for a few days. Have a Cool Yule.


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