Thursday, December 23, 2004

My Inner Conservative

Things you think about while driving through the countryside...

Just as my main crush, the General, has an Inner Frenchman he sometimes speaks for, I find that I have an Inner Conservative. My inner conservative was pointing out that the current adminstration can NOT be considered Totalitarian, because if they were, they'd not only support gun control, they'd insist on it. This made me go 'hmm'.

And my conclusion wasn't quite as positive as that of my IC... I can't be entirely certain that if the Junta currently in control were positive that they could steal any election they needed to for the foreseeable future, they wouldn't jettison concern for their base and move to consolidate their hold by banning the private ownership of firearms.

Please note that the tinfoil isn't quite firmly in place - I don't really think that the Bush MalAdminstration is in a position to do anything that would piss off the NRA. What I am saying is, should it come to pass that they make the entirely off-the-wall 'reaching out to the opposition' move to, say, propose adding further regulations on the sale and ownership of firearms, the left may want to consider saying, "you know, on second thought, we changed our minds". Might not be a bad idea to go out immediately thereafter and purchase a handgun. (Gad, can't believe I'm typing this.)


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