Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Holy Shit

Just so you know what all is up for consideration in this year's Great Social Security rip-off, Bill Thomas (R-of course) has this:

Perhaps most provocatively, Thomas said lawmakers should debate whether Social Security benefits should differ for men and women, because women live longer. "We never have debated gender-adjusting Social Security," he said. A House leadership official said that not even Republicans on Thomas's committee would vote for that idea. Thomas also said the system might take into account the need of blue-collar workers to retire younger than office workers.
Translation: Women are less important than men and more likely to vote Democrat. Let's see you suggest that blue collar workers (more likely to vote Republican) not only get to retire earlier, they get less benefits because, hey, they got to retire earlier. Yeah, I'm not going to hold my breath waiting to hear a Republican suggest that.

I've got a better idea, Bill. Since men are more likely to be criminals, losers and spendthrifts than women, they should have lower benefits so that to live comfortably, they'll have to attach themselves to some woman who might keep them out of trouble.

But all men aren't criminals, losers and spendthrifts, you say? Well, hey, not all women live longer than all men - we're talking statistics now.

Well, you started it.


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