Saturday, January 08, 2005

A true Meritocracy

Keep in mind that Jeb Bush is considered the dynasty's heir to the throne of the empire...

The day after Gov. Jeb Bush fired a top official over sexual harassment allegations, Bush's office confirmed it had hired a former journalist who resigned in November following public allegations of plagiarism and sexual harassment.

Lloyd Brown, 65, resigned his position as editorial page editor of the Florida Times- Union in Jacksonville on Nov. 2 after a newspaper said its review found instances of plagiarism in some of the editorials Brown had written.

The plagiarism review was sparked after a former Times- Union editorial writer, Billee Bussard, wrote a lengthy article in Folio Weekly, a Jacksonville weekly newspaper.

In the article, titled "Porn, Hypocrisy, Plagiarism: The Dark Side of Jacksonville's Daily," Bussard wrote that Brown viewed Internet pornography in the paper's office, and she said he conducted sexual conversations on the telephone while viewing the pornography in the workplace.


The governor's office was aware of the article alleging that Brown had viewed pornography in the Times-Union office, DiPietre said. "We brought it up to Lloyd. He relayed that there were no merits to the allegations," DiPietre said.


"The fact that we take sexual harassment allegations very seriously here proves that the allegations of sexual harassment made against Lloyd have no merit," DiPietre said. [emphasis added]

Full story here.

Please note the useful tool deployed in the last quoted paragraph. Talk about being washed in the blood of the lamb! "We know the accused is innocent because we deplore that kind of thing and we hired him so it must not be true."

Thanks to the Space Ace for the tip.


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