Thursday, February 24, 2005

So yeah, I've been busy...

For my two-three regular readers who wonder where I've been, yeah, I've been kind of busy. I found a place that will actually pay me for brief articles (peanuts per article, but it's marginally better than nothing.) So far in my writing career, I've written:

  • How a Block and Tackle Works
  • What is tao te ching?
  • Common Muscle Pain Relief Medications
  • How to make you own incense
  • How to shrink wrap a gift basket
  • The Benefits and Risks of Yoga During Pregnancy
  • Stress management techniques in the workplace
  • Beauty Tips: How to Make Your Own Herbal Eye Mask
  • Beauty Tips: Natural Sleep Aids
  • Ebay Tips: Advice for Buyers
  • Ebay Tips: Advice for Sellers
  • Simple home remedies for itch relief
  • Crochet Tips: What Are Granny Squares?
  • Alternative Health Herbs: Herbal Medicine to Help Lower High Blood Pressure
  • Home Renovations: How to Repair Damaged Stucco
  • Health: How to Create an Ergonomically Correct Work Space
  • Parenting: When are cell phones appropriate?

I'm also creating the's metaphysics website, which is eating up some time.

But yeah, I'm still around. Would blog more if I thought there was anybody out there...


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