Tuesday, March 22, 2005

When special interests collide

You know, the opportunity exists for a smart Dem to highlight Republican hypocrisy at its finest. All's he/she would have to do would be to introduce a bill that specified that 'extreme measures' must always be taken in our hospitals. Brain dead victims must be kept alive by whatever mechanical means is currently technically feasible, just in case the wandering soul should decide to return and reinhabit their discarded husk.

Oh, and in the case of patients who are indigent and have no family to beggar to pay for their care, the cost of the care must be borne by the hospitals. Special investigators will be stationed in all health-care facilities to ensure that all unresusitatable coma-victims are treated with the maximum care and that there are no midnight 'accidents' with breathing and feeding apparatus; any deaths of these poor creatures will be investigated as de facto suspicious, since of course there will be a rather big financial disincentive on the part of the care-givers to provide Quality Care.

The sincere and principled Right-To-Lifer ought to be able to withstand the pressure from the healthcare industry and be more than willing to forego their campaign contributions to stick up for what they believe in.

Heh. Indeed. To coin a phrase...


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