Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Shut up about looting

Okay, first go read this Steve Gilliard post about the N.O. 'looters'.

Now, let's talk. Most people are saying that the people 'liberating' food and drinking water are justified to help themselves, but the other people should be ashamed of themselves, yadda yadda. Oh big poop.

I'll be the first to admit that the people stealing 50" plasma TVs are pretty stupid; unless it floats and they can surf out on it, I really don't see the point. But I can't really say I blame the people smashing windows and helping themselves to handfuls of jewelry.

Think about it for a minute, folks. The mayor and governor and whoever orders the mandatory evacuation of New Orleans. That said, do they provide any fucking means of transportation for the people that lacked it? Not that I heard anything about.

So all the folks with cars get the hell out and leave behind the folk that don't have access to transportation. As we now know, they were left to literally sink or swim - left behind to die.

If it were me that were told to get out and then left behind to figure out how to do so, I can't say I wouldn't help myself to a handful of someone else's diamonds either. At least you would stand the chance, if you washed ashore somewhere, of being able to negotiate for a place to sleep and maybe something to eat.

So shut up about looters, okay? People who are left by the rest of us to die in the rising water are entitled to be a little bit disgruntled, you ask me.


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