Tuesday, August 23, 2005

When will they ever learn?

KANO, Nigeria -- For women, commuting across this ancient Islamic city has long been as easy as hopping into a minibus or climbing on the back of a motorcycle taxi. Both are cheap and readily available. Even if some female passengers found it unsettling to be so near strange men, who might make lewd comments or press their bodies close, such was the price of efficient transport.

But the days of casual travel are ending for the women of Kano, a bustling trading center of about 500,000 in northern Nigeria. Government officials, determined to halt what they see as the decline of public morality, are banning women from all but a handful of Kano's motorcycle taxis and are requiring them to sit in the back of public minibuses.

In whose lexicon is 'the back of the bus' not considered insulting?

My solution - issue tasers to all women who need to use public transportation. Civility ensues.


At 11:06 PM, Blogger jj mollo said...

It's scary how these fanatics are imposing their will across Africa. I don't understand how it happens and why it didn't happen before. Maybe Saudi money is behind it.

Do you think that if black people in the South had been issued tasers it would have helped? I'm really curious now about the KKK. Just how did they spread their twisted ideas?


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