Friday, September 30, 2005

Hi to Shakespeare's sis

Shakespeare's Sister blogrolled me to day with this kind intro:

Prairie Angel, because I can’t resist a gal who will title a post Well, Fuck.
A big Prairie howdy to visitors from Shakes-sis. Check out the amenities, and stop by the gift shop for fine Annoy a Conservative gear.

ASIDE: you know, hitcounters can provide valuable insight into where your readers are coming from. Today, for instance, I got a hit off a search on 'angel saying fuck'. And indeed, if you go to and search on 'angel saying fuck', I'm Number One!

Alas, I'm not anywhere in the top ten on yahoo, google, google/blogsearch or technorati on 'angel saying fuck'. (Yes, of COURSE I had to check.)

So goooo, MSN!


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