Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday Cubby Blogging

'Cause you just can't get too much cute.

The Daily Updates at the Panda Page that hosts the PandaCam are always fun:

Sept 28: Mei Not Ready for Cub to Leave Den

This morning we moved the cub onto a bed of hay placed just outside the door to the den. When Mei Xiang was given access to this enclosure, she slowly approached the cub, then passed him to look inside the den. She immediately returned to the cub and dragged him by the scruff of his head and neck area, back to the den. She did this in three minutes, although it seemed much longer as she had a hard time picking up the big boy. She certainly let us know she is not ready to have him relocated!

September 29: Cub Takes a Few Steps

The cub lifted himself on all four legs this morning and took about three steps before collapsing on his side. The sounds of his efforts brought Mei Xiang back into the den. After picking him up and giving him a good once over with both eyes and tongue, she left him sleeping, and stretched out on the platform for a nap.

As of today's exam, he's 11.1 pounds. And it's the last day for vote for his name, so hurry over to this page and register your pick.

I'm lobbying for Qiang Qiang, because it means 'strong, powerful', and our cub is the biggest and strongest cubby ever. And the smartest and cutest. Probably the bravest and most considerate, too.


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