Thursday, September 29, 2005

A new euphemism?

Well, you've all heard by now that DeLay was not able to crown his own successor as house majority leader. The Post has this:

What he and Hastert wanted was a timeserver, someone to hold the job but with no ambitions to stay in it. And they had someone in mind. This week, an aide to the speaker approached Rep. David Dreier about his role in a post-DeLay caucus. Dreier, a congenial Californian who has loyally served the GOP leadership as Rules Committee chairman, expressed interest in helping Hastert.

There was one big problem: When DeLay's indictment was unsealed yesterday, conservatives in the GOP caucus immediately erupted in anger over rumors that the selection of Dreier, whom they regard as too moderate, was being presented as a fait accompli .

They're calling it 'too moderate' now? What ever happened to 'friend of Dorothy'? I always liked that one.


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